Case of the Mondays

I know, I know – I missed my post on Friday. I have a great excuse though! I was on my way to South Dakota for the first time! M and I went to visit his sister and her boyfriend in SD. We got to see their lovely abode and spend some great time with them out on the lake. I went tubing for the first time and swam in a lake for the first time! I know, Hawaii-girl has to go experience more of the mid-west life. I’m trying, promise. Anyways, it was a ton of fun! But, now, it’s back to reality. So, I decided to share my case of the Mondays from last Monday with you. I don’t think I’ve ever had a case that bad before. And, I’m sharing this with you for your pure enjoyment. Please go ahead and laugh real hard – M did when I called him sobbing from the kitchen floor. 😀 Really, it’s fine; you have my permission.

Flowers probably would have helped. These were a surprise from my family on my birthday!

So. M had left for O-town on Friday and usually I have a hard time getting to bed when he’s gone. Not sleeping, just the act of going to bed. This leads to a lot less sleep than I’m used to. Anyways, he left on Friday so by the time Monday came around, I was pretty tired. I woke up a little late for work. Not a big deal, I just hurriedly made my way to the office. Once at the office, I realized it’s going to be a very busy day. I had to make some travel arrangements for our peeps (we have four out for traveling this week) for this week  but was hitting road blocks within the company so I couldn’t finish all the travel plans until much later in the day. Then, I ripped my jeans. They were nearing the end of their life cycle anyways…but I still hate when I rip them. Right in the spot where fat peoples’ thighs rub together (read: my thighs). I had a headache and my neck was hurting from the screen arrangement on my desk. Then, I swallowed a cherry pit. I hate swallowing cherry pits. I know they don’t do much damage and you just poop them out eventually but I just hate when they feel like they’re stuck in your throat. This one was definitely stuck in my throat. Mondays also mean we have a work meeting at 5:30pm and I don’t get to leave until 6:30pm at the earliest. So, quick recap. I was extremely tired, had a head and neck ache, swallowed a cherry pit, ripped my jeans and still didn’t finish the travel plans for our people.

The day went on and I eventually finished most of the travel plans. Meeting was mostly uneventful and I eventually made my way home. I wanted to make some Maori bread to take with me for M’s parents but thought I was out of brown sugar. So, I stopped at Target on the way home. Then I decided to grab dinner from Panda because I didn’t know what else I wanted to eat. Got home and went to grab the mail. My Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan book finally came! Thank goodness for a highlight because it started to downpour while I was out getting the mail. But, I then got the package key stuck while trying to get my baking book out. I struggled with it for at least a good three minutes out in the rain before I was finally able to get my book and head inside. Once inside I stopped at D’s for coupons and to eat my dinner so that I wouldn’t have to eat dinner alone. But her dad called and I ate my dinner while listening to her talk with him. Not that I minded, it was at least better than eating completely alone. Dinner wasn’t that great. I usually enjoy my meals from Panda but this one wasn’t very good for some reason. Well, at least there’s the fortune cookie, right? I love fortune cookies! My fortune cookie did not have a fortune. This was about all I could take. So, I packed up my stuff and headed back next door so that I could bake that bread. Well, turns out I already had brown sugar. Then, I sprayed brown sugar all over the kitchen floor as I was adding it to the mixing bowl. I was only going to make half the recipe but accidentally put in too much water so I had to quickly add to the water mixture so that I could make the whole recipe. And of course, as I was measuring out the flour, I dropped a whole bunch of that on the floor as well. By this point, M called me and asked what I was doing and how my day was. All I could do was sit on the kitchen floor (in the brown sugar and flour) and bawl. I think not having a fortune in my fortune cookie was the cherry on top of the whole mess because I was just blathering on about not getting a fortune. All M could do was laugh on the other end of the phone.

That was about the end of my horrible case of the Mondays. All I can really do when I look back at it is laugh. It’s quite comical when it’s not happening to you. So, I hope you’re not having a horrible case of the Mondays today; and, I hope my comical story brings a little brightness to your day! 😀 Happy Monday! I know, you all just want me to get on with the baking and cooking! Wednesday’s post will be just that, promise.

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