Dad’s Day

Yesterday was Father’s Day – a day to celebrate that special man in your life (or not) who helped bring you into this world. So, in celebration of that day, I’ll tell you a little bit about my father.

My dad is one of the business-like fathers. Well, that’s how I think of him, anyways. He’s always working, often on the weekends and on holidays. And while this didn’t always make for a lot of family time, I understand why he works so much. He does so to provide for us (his family), to make sure we have (almost) everything we can ask for. And, one of the other reasons why he works these days is in solidarity for the employees he manages. Although I don’t always agree with his work schedule, part of me also admires him for being an exceptional manager. He goes to work on the weekends and on holidays so that his employees don’t have to work alone that day. He doesn’t believe in asking his employees to work when he is not willing to come into work himself.

He always wants to make sure we have all the basics covered – when I occasionally call him, he’ll ask about work, how the car is running, if I’m paying my bills, etc. He does this because that’s his way of showing he cares. I understand this now, I didn’t always. For a long time, I felt disconnected from my dad because it felt like we didn’t speak the same language – he didn’t always ask about how I felt about my classes at school, how my boyfriend was, what I was baking lately, etc. Girl-things, if you would. I have more of an understanding now.

When my sister and I were growing up, he’d take us camping on the Big Island almost every year. It was a weekend where he didn’t check his phone or email (partially because there was never very good reception). To this day, I can say those trips were an important part of my childhood. I loved them. I loved the outdoors, fishing, camping, sleeping under the stars, and most importantly – seeing my dad laugh and smile more frequently.

My dad also loves to read. It’s a good thing we like the same genre of books; otherwise, the library we have at home would have double the amount! I love that we can share books between him, my sister and I.

It’s these things I hold dear to my heart when I fondly think of this man who is my father. Thank you for everything, Dad! I miss him more than he thinks. He’s one of the steady pillars in my life I can always count on and I’m thankful. I’d like to (and want to start to work on) becoming a person he can always count on, it’s only fair. Maybe this will start with a phone call more often just to ask him how he’s doing. 🙂

So, I hope you called your dad yesterday to tell him thank you and how much you love and appreciate him. And if your dad isn’t someone you’d like to share those feelings with, it’s okay. Sometimes, it’s great to just use that day to not think about why you don’t want to be thankful to you dad, but to be thankful for your life instead. Bottom line, your dad was someone who brought you into this world. One of the best ways to use that gift is to make something of your life. 🙂 So, get to it – go do something wonderful today (and tomorrow, and the next day…etc)!

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