I love Farmers’ Markets! I posted about them last year, but they just deserve a post whenever that season rolls around. If you live in the Boulder County area, go check out a Farmers’ Market! So, a little backstory: Sol and I have a new neighbor and she’s awesome. I have a feeling she will make some appearances around the blog. So, for future reference, she will fondly be referred to as D. SO, D and I started the Farmers’ Market season off with the Longmont Farmers’ Market this year. Farmers’ Markets are a great way to buy local, to enjoy the community, experience new things, meet new people and have fun! The Longmont Market (LM) was a lot bigger than I originally expected and was set up like spokes on a wagon wheel. The LM started at 8am and though we got there around 9am, it was bustling. Off we went. We sampled some amazing food and wine, bought lots of fresh produce and discovered some new classes we’d like to take (canning, etc.). It was a great start to our days!

Take a look at the pictures and pretend you went with us! But really, you should just go see it all for yourself.


Plants for sale! Loved the colors.

“Hippie” cupcake – it was chocolate, with a peanut butter center and granola on top! YUM!

Really, there were a lot of flowers for sale – so vibrant! I wish we got enough sun on our balcony for plants!



Thanks, Chocohelena for identifying these for me – they’re Hon Tsai Tai and commonly used in Asian dishes. Check out Chocohelena’s Facebook page – free recipes!

They were so beautiful. Their color always blows me away…but for all that, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a radish.


I was tempted to buy some kale to make kale chips but didn’t. I’ll definitely grab them on my next visit. Although, I did end up getting a bottle of local wine, bok choy, spinach, mushrooms and mushroom seasoning – a pretty good haul! And, I did have a lot of fun taking pictures – some of these might even end up decorating the kitchen!

PS – I learned  (from D) that some farms sell their produce towards the end of the day during the week, you just have to stop by their farm to check out what they’re selling. This way, you don’t have to wait until the Farmers’ Market to get the produce you need! You should see if your local farms offer such things!


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    • Ah, the ones I called Kale? Haha, I will change it. 🙂 Thanks! OR, were you referring to those flowering ones I didn’t know the name of? Thanks for reading!

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