Rainy happiness

I know, most people don’t enjoy rainy weather but I love the rain (in moderation). We don’t have rainy days too often here so it’s a nice treat when we do. I’ve always found the smell of rain to be refreshing and relaxing. The sound is soothing. It makes me think of cuddling and hot cocoa; blankets, good company and great conversations. Comfort. Most of all, rain makes me think of home and my family. And Christmas. In Hawaii, we have rain during the winters instead of snow. So, rain always reminds me of the holidays. This past weekend was a rainy one, for sure. It was nice to use the weather as an excuse for naps or just lounging around. What a nice break! But, everything in moderation. Today is beautiful and sunny again and the week looks like it’ll continue the trend. I love our sunshine and I love the occasional rainy day. What a perfect place to be! On your next rainy day, why don’t you think of a fun arts and crafts project for the day, do some spring cleaning, or just lounge around! 😉 Rainy weather is a fantastic excuse for staying inside.

Tell me, what do rainy days make you think of?


3 responses to “Rainy happiness

  1. Naps. Absolutely.

    Rain = naps.

    I also like to do my grocery shopping when it’s raining, so I can show off my cute rain coat(s). I have two – I alternate them.

    • AH, good point! I do not have a very fashionable rain coat. I slept A LOT this weekend. More sleep, less baking sums this weekend up.

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