Happy Mother’s Day!

Yay for all the moms out there! The world wouldn’t go round without them. It sure wouldn’t go round without MY mom! My mother is an amazing woman – she’s raised two young women (yes, I’m still young!) spectacularly, has a good amount of patience and perseverance, cooks amazing food and has a good deal of mental vigor. She’s blunt and will tell me straight up that I’m being stupid. She’s someone I’m proud to call my mom. And, she knows me inside and out. She’s the person I call when I’m having a horrible day and just need someone to talk to – I just have to say one word and she’ll know it’s been a rough one. She’s also the person I call when I’m having a great day! I enjoy talking with her on the phone, period. She’s who reminds me of my roots and is my touchstone of comfort. I love my mom.

I have friends who are moms, too. I watch them with their offspring and am just amazed. Their love and patience blows me away. Sol and I are not sure if we want dive down that path yet, but we still have a lot of time to decide. If we do decide that route, I really do wish I can follow in the wonderful footsteps of my mom and all the friends who are already on that path.

I hope everything I’ve described of my mom and friends is similar to how you would describe your mom, I really do wish it for everyone. But, if not, for whatever the reason, it’s okay. Just take a moment to thank her for your life, you wouldn’t be here without her. So, take this day and celebrate your mom. Have a great day!


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