Always in my heart.

This past Sunday, May 6th, made one year since we lost Grams. It didn’t feel like a year at all, it felt like it was still a recent thing. At the same time, a lot has happened in the last year. A lot. I took some time to remember her life last week and one story stuck out. I used to send a card for special occasions like Mother’s Day or her birthday, sometimes just to say hello. She always wrote back to me at least once, always in one of her handmade cards. I had once really admired a red flower that was on one of the cards and had asked, in my reply back to her, what kind of flower that was. She didn’t reply to that card and I didn’t think anything of it. But, the very next time I saw her in person, one of the very first things she told me was the name of the flower she put on that card. She remembered after a span of a couple months, to tell me the name of a flower! It’s memories like these that bring on those bittersweet feelings and make me realize that I was important to her. I’m happy to have those realizations, even after the fact.

She will always hold a special place in my heart and I will always keep everything she taught me close; try to remember my roots every so often. And most importantly, remember that she believed family is everything. Family will always be my everything.

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