Puppy Vacations

Lil' Bug

So, I didn’t manage to get on here in time to write a post telling everyone that we’ve now had Lil’ Bug for 2 months! Yay for her and yay for us. I swear, it feels like it’s been way longer than that. My quirky puppy, as much as I love her, I love sending her on vacation. This is the new term Sol and I will now use when we board her or send her to daycare. With snowboarding season upon us, we wanted to hit the slopes. But, what were we supposed to do with Lil’ Bug? For this particular vacation, we decided to board her at the vet’s (though, we’d love to have her spend time with one of our friends if they were willing to watch her! *hint hint*). We were a little nervous, this was the first time we were leaving her anywhere but home, without us and in the care of other people. Would she be scared? Would she miss us? Would she have trouble adjusting back to our usual schedule when we picked her up again? I’m not sure if Sol had these particular questions, but they were definitely questions I had running through my mind.

That brat. We took her to the vet’s to drop her off on Saturday afternoon and she happily greeted the daycare person who came out to get her. The daycare person took her leash and off she went without even looking back or getting worried. When we went to get her on Sunday evening, she wasn’t exuberantly happy to see us. It was kind of like a “Oh, my people. Hi.” sort of greeting. We got home and she promptly knocked out in her bed – thoroughly tired from playing all day. I know, we should be happy that she wasn’t traumatized and handled vacation so well. But still. My puppy was perfectly fine without me. This was a sad little realization for me.

Back to the main topic though – vacation. It was a vacation for her because she got to play all day long and sleep in a “hotel” (HAH). But really, it was a vacation for us. It was only one night and one day, but it was the time we’ve had to ourselves in a long time. Well, since we adopted her, actually. And what did we do? We cleaned. Haha, how lame are we? We cleaned Saturday night and went snowboarding on Sunday. It was a great vacation.

So, now we have a great appreciation for boarding and daycare services – we will use both more often. It doesn’t mean we don’t love her, it just means we can love her better. Yay, vacations!


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