Grasshoppers, earthworms, leaves and rocks

Well, hallelujah! We made it to our one month anniversary! Today is the one month anniversary since Sol and I adopted Lil’ Bug. Ah, my darling, darling 4-month-old puppy. And, what do grasshoppers, earthworms, leaves and rocks have to do with my Lil’ Bug? Well, she is known for ecstatically pouncing and chomping on these things during our walks – it sure makes for some exciting walks (on her part). It has only been a month but she’s already grown a number of inches and gained 5 lbs since we brought her home from the Humane Society of Boulder Valley. It has definitely felt like it’s been longer than a month.

Lil' Bug - 3ish months

Dogs and other family pets have been a part of my life since I was born. As I was growing up, part of my chores were to take care of the dogs – feeding them, playing with them, picking up after them. For me, that part of having a dog (or any pet) was always something I was willing to do for the companionship these wonderful creatures offer. Ever since I moved away from home, I’ve wanted to get a dog of my own but it was never the “right time” for one – I was still in school, I was moving, I didn’t have a job, etc. I was finally able to convince Sol that it was the “right time” for a dog (well, we could have waited for a more opportune time, I’ll admit, but I was tired of waiting). Well, the right time for me didn’t mean it was the right time for him so he’s been struggling with these new responsibilities. Sol grew up with dogs around but he never had to take care of them. He never had to train them or really give the family dogs much thought since he was never responsible for them. Let’s just say we’re all learning a lot – both about taking care of a puppy and about ourselves. We don’t get as much sleep and we don’t go out as often. We don’t have as much money to spend on the things we want to splurge on. He calls it being tied down, I call it teaching Sol some real responsibility. These sacrifices? I think they’re worth it. Spending time with Lil’ Bug is so…..simple. Especially in a world where there’s always so much going on at once. She’s already made me remember that life can be this simple and rewarding. Who knew leaves blowing in the wind could be exciting? Or that SNOW could possibly be one of the best things in her little world? All she wants to do is play, enjoy life and spend time with US. I wish I had her life.


We brought home a really shy, submissive and timid puppy. Since then, she’s come out of her shell. She has a slight attitude and loves to get into mischief (don’t all puppies?). She’s so smart, which is also a slight problem since she gets bored easily. We’ve been taking her to puppy socials at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley and Puppy Kindergarten classes. They’ve really helped her realize that other dogs and people aren’t so scary after all!

I love mischief!

I swear I didn't do it!

So, I figured I’d finally introduce you to our smart little girl. I’m pretty sure I’ll have more Lil’ Bug stories to blog about, so this won’t be the last you hear of this little one. It’s already been quite the adventure and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for us!

I'm cute, I know.

I'm a sheriff for Halloween!


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