Dexter: Happiness Revisited

Happiness – have you noticed I like to blog about it? I’ve been busy in my absence from WordPress – busy with work, enrolling and attending a cake decorating class (blog posts to come!), hiking my first 14er, visiting Omaha, adopting a dog. Yep, adopting a dog. And, returning him with much heartbreak and sadness. Dexter’s (the dog’s) story is a semi-complicated one, where Sol and I are more at fault than he was. But, let’s start at the beginning, shall we? Remember my post about Happiness? I suggested people should enjoy it and not find ways to make themselves unhappy. My opinion on happiness has shifted a little since the Dexter escapade. I still believe you should try to enjoy your happiness and savor it while you have it; but, most people are greedy. So, when we should be happy because we have everything we’ve been wanting, we are always searching for more. I am guilty of searching for more. This is how Dexter entered our lives – I wanted (and still want) a dog like a thirsty person wants water.

My fave. The boys who stole my heart.

Dex brought mess and a bit of stress to our lives in the two days we had him. Okay, a LOT of mess. We panicked and took him back after the second day of terror. Yes, we’re guilt of not giving him the chance to settle in and enjoy some training classes that would have helped him adjust. We’re also guilty of bonding with that dog more than we thought we could have in two days. We both miss him and we’re considering going back for him (more like I’m trying my best to convince Sol that we should go back and get him). What does this have to do with happiness? Well, I’ve discovered a flip side to happiness. I’ve always blogged about finding those bits of happiness when times aren’t ideal. After Dex, I truly believe the best moments of happiness come from those times when times aren’t ideal. Which is a bit ironic, don’t you think? These moments are “better” because they seem to have more meaning and stand out more against the less-than-ideal moments surrounding them. Of course, this does not in any way mean that happiness in ideal times is any less, it’s just that it is more likely you won’t take note of them like you would those moments when everything isn’t going quite right.

Life is messy – it isn’t always perfect. I now believe that the best kind of life has a bit of mess in it. For me, life needs a bit of mess in it. I guess I’m off to search for some mess to add to my life?

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