Playing For Change Day 2011

I’ve posted about Playing for Change before, a long time ago. But, since that was oh-so-long ago, let me reiterate a little. The musicians and people involved with Playing for Change believe we can bring peace to the world through music. Music is universal and stretches across cultures and across the world – therefore we can unite the world through it. Check out their site – it’s life changing and can explain a lot more about what they do. As I said in that post from the past, I believe in this project.

What this post is about is Playing For Change Day 2011, as the title states. It’s on September 17, 2011 – the first annual one! There are many ways to participate – musicians can create an event, or transform a gig you were planning to have on September 17th into a PFC Day event. Never fear, for those of you who are not musicians (like me, unless you count shower-singing), you can host a Playing For Change Day event instead of making beautiful music.

So let’s use this one day to help change the world. Ready? GO!

Playing For Change Day 2011: Join in! from PlayingForChangeFoundation on Vimeo.

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