Sunday Smiles (5/1): May already?

my view as I walk to Hitchcock

Time is really flying, huh? I couldn’t believe today’s May 1st! But, May 1st it is. The coming of May also heralds the end of the spring semester. Although the end of the semester brings about a happy, freeing feeling (summer usually does), it also brings about a bit of sadness.

I know, Sunday posts are about smiles. So, let me explain. Sadness for the end of the semester would not come about unless there was happiness preceding it.

When I started the semester, I was unsure of myself, my new job and my students. As the semester progressed, we all learned and I got to know my students a little better. It’s hard to say goodbye to them. I don’t know how teachers do this every semester, I’m sad to see them go. Overall, I’d say we had a pretty good semester. I sure hope they enjoyed the class and learned a lot (or at least some).

It makes me smile to think about how patient with me they were. It makes me smile to think about all the side conversations I’ve had with a lot of them through the semester. It makes me smile to think about how proud they felt when they finally got the hang of the different design programs.

I’m happy I was able to teach for a semester, it was an honor.

And besides, have you noticed the weather outside? I LOVE sunshine and blue skies. It looks like we might finally hit a sunshine streak and THAT definitely makes me smile. Creighton campus in the spring/early summer is one of my favorite sights – it’s so beautiful!

So, happy Sunday! I hope you have  great week! Good luck to all of you who have finals in the coming weeks!

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