Sunday Smiles: (4/24) Lazy Sundays

Happy Easter! I hope you were able to spend your Easter Sunday with those you love and care about!

Today was a perfect example of a lazy Sunday: didn’t set an alarm, rolled out of bed and made pancakes and eggs for breakfast, watched some Modern Family, made some fish for lunch, watched more Modern Family, went out for ice cream and then headed over to Andy’s for some dinner and scrabble with the guys. It was perfect. It also helped that the weather wasn’t the best – today’s weather was definitely lounging weather. And simply being in Colorado with Sol helps. =)

I think taking one day to recharge for the week ahead is a fantastic idea; not one that is always feasible, but a good idea nonetheless. Sometimes I get so caught up with all the things I have to do that I often forget to take some time for myself to just not do anything. My mind and body need those occasional days where they’re not going, going, going. So, here’s my goal: to take some time each week to just stop and relax. You should try it too! Have a great week!


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