Sunday Smiles (4/17)


Sunday again. It feels like it’s been a long week. It was definitely a busy weekend, maybe that’s why the week felt like a long one. Or it could have been because the road trip last weekend kind of jammed up the week’s schedule. Either way, it was a long one with some quality smiles.

  • I noticed that the trees outside of my apartment started blooming! They’re so pretty and really make it feel like spring has arrived. Plus, the fragrance they give off is amazing.
  • Carol showed me this great site this week – Check it out – it’s such a great pick-me-up (a real time sucker though)! It really made me smile this week.
  • Went to the Great Plains Poetry Pile-up in Fremont, NE with Steph on Friday night. The weather conditions weren’t the best on the drive over but it was definitely worth the trip! There was some great poetry and great performances! We are definitely hooked and can’t wait to go to another slam.
  • The Spring Fling concert was on Saturday night – Jason Derulo! The opening band was Love and Theft. I really enjoyed the opening band even though I was a bit skeptical at first.
  • Had a great night out with the girls after the concert on Saturday night.
That’s all I can really thing of for this past week at this moment. It might be a little hard to remember only because we were hit with cold weather and rain towards the end of the week that was a real dampener, literally. Hopefully this week is going to be a better one (heyyyyyy EASTER BREAK!). Have a good one folks!

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