Card a Day: Or maybe three

I know, I know – I’ve been failing miserably at keeping up with the card posts lately. In my defense, it was a really busy weekend (to be detailed in my Sunday post). But here we go, to catch up, I have three cards for you tonight.

This first card is on the simpler side, but I liked the different textures and patterns on it despite the simplicity. Plus, the vibrancy of the red was nice.

This second card was really a bright one. I added the purple to ground it a little color-wise. I think I got a little carried away with the bright spring colors for this card.

For the third card I played around with the shape of the blue paper. I’ve been meaning to play around with the shapes for a while but hadn’t gotten to it before this. I wanted to go for something that was a little more playful. I haven’t quite decided if this is a style that is going to stay or not but it was a great experiment.


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