Card a Day: Or maybe two

I know, I know – I missed yesterday’s post. I’m sorry! I was so tired from the long drive back from Colorado that I only had enough energy to write one post before I knocked out. So, to make up for my lack of a card yesterday I will post two today.

Warm wishes to you!

This card I sent to my best friend Cassidee back home in Hawaii. I waited a week or so to post this one because I wanted to give it a chance to get there. I’m pretty sure it’s gotten there by now…but if it hasn’t and you’re reading this Cass, SURPRISE! Haha.

Cass and I

Cass and I have been friends for almost 10 years. And, now that I’ve counted it makes me feel old and realize how long 10 years really is. She’s been my bestie since I met her and will be for the rest of our lives. Haha, by this point, she knows way too much about me for me to let her wander too far. Anyways, we’ve both been busy living our lives – her back home in Hawaii and me here in Omaha – for us to see much of each other in the last five years. We’ve managed to keep in touch through letters, texts and phone calls. Now days, even those are starting to slow. So hopefully, I will be a better friend and write/call more often just to tell her I miss her and love her. ❤

The second card of the day? That would be this pretty thing:

happy birthday!

This one came out really well – I love the scalloped edge along the bottom! I’m going to have to experiment more with designs like this one. I also like the color scheme – it’s festive and happy enough but not too kiddie – perfect for most of my friends. I say “most” because I know for a fact that some *coughSTEPHcough* and *coughCASScough* would love kiddie/cute-sy cards.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this longer post. Sorry again for the lack of a card yesterday!

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