Sunday Smiles (4/10)

I don’t have a whole long list of the things during the past week that made me smile because the weekend really topped it all. So, I will tell you that story instead.

Back at the beginning of the semester my friend Kathryn had a great idea to take a road trip to Colorado. But, with everything going on during the semester the idea was lost in the shuffle. Last Sunday, I went to brunch with a bunch of my friends at Valentino’s and the idea was brought out of the closet once again…for the following weekend. It was so spontaneous and so much fun. So, this week centered around plans for the road trip to Colorado. We drove out Friday afternoon and came back tonight. Yes, we only really had one full day to spend in Colorado; but, it was a lot of fun. We walked around Pearl Street down in Boulder, took a scenic drive to Coors Brewery in Golden, ate dinner at Mead St. Station and had a great time in downtown Denver that night. All in all, it was a pretty fantastic weekend with the girls (and Sol). Cheers to spontaneity! And, have a great week!


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