Card a Day: Thinking of you

Thinking of you

I love to make cards that say “Thinking of you.” It’s such an accurate statement – I’m thinking of you and wanted to send you a card to let you know! It’s such a simple way to tell your loved ones that you care. This is another card that was not made with a particular person in mind. But, since I love to send cards like this one to my friends I’m sure it’ll find it’s way into someone’s hands soon.

This design is simple and one I’m particularly fond of – it uses different colors and allows for different patterns and textures. The space for the greeting is also flexible – you can stamp a big greeting right in the center or put a smaller one either on the bottom left or right. So many design possibilities with this one layout! I tend to gravitate towards this design so for the challenge I’ll try my best to change it up a bit.

Also, I should have noted in the beginning that the greetings you see on the cards are all hand-stamped and heat embossed (which makes the stamp raised and shiny).

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