Sunday Smiles (4/3)

Happy Sunday! Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about my usual Sunday post. I don’t know about you, but it sure felt like it took forever to get to Sunday this week.

  • Had some quality time with Modern Family this week. LOVE that show!
  • Introduced Steph to Smoke Pit. Gotta love them ribs.
  • Got a love seat for my new apartment! Thanks Steph for your help! =)
  • Went to brunch with the girls at Valentino’s this morning. SOOOO FULL. I haven’t had that much to eat in a long time. And, I hadn’t seen all of those girls in a long time.
  • Made some great plans with the girls for an upcoming epic weekend!
  • Business cards came today!
  • Dog walking in the semi-warm weather was nice.
  • Made Pink Lemonade cupcakes tonight! Recipe to come shortly!

So, it looks more like I had a great weekend and a slow week. Sometimes, it’s the weekends that get you through those long weeks. Hooray for exciting weekends! (Just wait till you hear about next weekend!) Have a great week folks!


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