Card a Day: The Force is strong with this one

In an effort to keep myself on the busier side of life I decided to challenge myself to make a card a day. It’s along the lines of those photo-a-day challenges I keep seeing on Facebook. Although that’s a cool idea, I didn’t want to follow the crowd with it. Hence, the card challenge. I usually make cards with specific people in mind so that I can match colors and patterns to their preferences; so, while a lot of the cards will be made with a specific person in mind, I was also hoping to build up a stock pile of cards to have handy in case of emergency. The cards I post about might not be made on the same day. I like to surprise those people and wouldn’t want to ruin it just in case they happened to read my blog. I will promise that the cards posted will have been made with this challenge in mind so they will be recently made cards. With all that said and done, on to the first card!

Star Wars and warm fuzzies, of course they go together!

The first card in this challenge was made a couple days ago for my bestie, Steph. She’s been having an especially hard week – the looming inevitability of the real world after graduation has her stressing out a little. I wanted to make something that would cheer her up. She loves Star Wars so the Yoda paper was a no-brainer. Inside it told her that “The Force is strong with this one.” Mission accomplished! She loved it.

She’s a rockstar and can handle everything life throws at her, we all can. Sometimes we just need some reminding and some wise words from Yoda to cheer us up.


One response to “Card a Day: The Force is strong with this one

  1. Star Wars absolutely goes with warm fuzzies. Yoda is actually fuzzy, so it’s a legitimate correlation. 🙂
    The card is on my wall!

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