Mangoes and Memories


I love mangoes. I love mangoes so much that I have to say that again – I love mangoes. For me, a really good mango is almost better than any dessert. And, on top of it’s deliciousness, it always reminds me of home and the thoughtfulness of my extended family as I was growing up. See, I’ve loved mangoes for as long as I can remember. All my aunties, uncles and both grandmothers knew about this and would give my parents mangoes whenever they came across really good ones.

Mangoes remind me of summer and standing in Grandma T’s kitchen, eating my mango over the sink so that the juice dripping off my chin would drip into the sink and not onto the floor. I don’t know how your parents cut mangoes for you, but Grandma T always cut them the best. She would halve the mango as close to the seed as possible, leaving the skin on. Then, with the two halves, she would run the knife through the mango (without breaking the skin) lengthwise and widthwise so that if the skin weren’t there, the mango would be cubed. THEN, she would invert the mango – imagine holding the mango skin down and then pushing up on the skin – so that the mango cubes were sticking up from the skin like cool cubes on the back of a turtle (at least, that’s what I always thought it looked like). Eating a mango like this is so much fun – you should try it. My parents learned from their mothers but I swear Grandma always did it best. I hope my kids enjoy mango as much as I do so that I can share this special treat with them.

So, by now, I’ll bet you’re wondering why I’m randomly posting about mangoes. I swear it’s not that random. Mangoes were on sale at the grocery store last week so I bought one and let it sit on the counter to ripen. Tonight, I skinned and cut the mango so that I could take it as a treat after lunch tomorrow….but I think only 2/3rds of that mango made it into the fridge. Like I said, I love mangoes. Haha, so much that I just had to write a blog post about it. You should try cutting your next mango the way my Grandma does it; let me know how it goes! I’m so excited for mango season!


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