Sunday Smiles (3/27)

Happy Sunday folks! Can you believe that this Friday will be April 1st? Time sure is flying! It feels like yesterday was January. Anyways, I hope you’ve had a great week! Let me catch you up on the happy moments in my week.

  • I’ve been working on the Creightonian site this week. This is exciting because it’s a project that’s right up my alley – WordPress CMS! I’ll post a link when I finish so you can take a peek.
  • Changed my number. Big step, I know. BUT, it was a good step.
  • Redesigned my logo. Check it out!
  • I made my business cards this week! I hope to have them in hand in about two weeks.
  • It snowed on Thursday night/Friday morning…wait, this wasn’t the cause of happiness, quite the opposite actually. It led to an amusing class on Friday morning though. I’ve been ready for spring for months now and thought we were surely on our way to weather consistently above 60 degrees. I was wrong. Horribly wrong. When I woke up to a world of white on Friday morning something must have unscrewed in my brain. I didn’t really see the effects of the snow on my mind until class started and I realized I had the hardest time speaking coherent sentences. I was stumbling over my words and choosing the wrong words in my sentences..or even completely blanking on what I was talking about. My students are truly great, we all laughed about my inability to speak (thank goodness lecture was short) and moved on.
  • Went apartment shopping with Steph. I love looking at apartments, it’s so much fun!
  • Dog walking was good as usual. We had some great dogs today! The weather wasn’t as bad as I had been anticipating – on the warmer side despite the forecast. And, I actually remembered to bring my camera so that I could share some pictures of the amazing animals we get to spend time with!


Steph and Loner
Steph and Loner

Loner is such a beautiful greyhound! Steph walked him last week and, unfortunately, he was still there today. He’s a gentle giant, easy to walk and a sweetheart! Volunteering at Nebraska Humane Society has endeared this breed to me. Maybe you’ll help Loner find his forever home?

Hello! Loverboy (German Shepard mix) and Spunky saying hi before they ran off playing.
Steph said he was making an ugly face, but I think he’s smiling!

This is Loverboy, he’s an 11 month German Shepard mix. Silly name, right? I thought so too before we went to play in the yards. But really, his name suits him for now. He’s such a sweetheart! Energetic and playful (he’s still a puppy), he’ll make a great running companion and movie buddy for someone – he loves hugs, kisses and cuddling! He also knows sit – such a smart boy! I have a soft spot for German Shepards, but he really is great! Help him find his forever home! I wish wish wish I could have brought him home with me. The more time I spend at NHS, the more I believe that when these animals are adopted into their forever homes they save their new families just as their new families save them.


Loverboy, the photogenic puppy! Love love LOVE.

So, now that I’ve given you a visual of some of the beautiful dogs we get to spend time with, it’s time to go. Have a great week folks! With Loverboy smiling at you like that, who wouldn’t have a great week?


2 responses to “Sunday Smiles (3/27)

  1. I took all those great candids of Loverboy licking your face, and you pick that photo???? LOL

    I noticed you failed to mention how much Loverboy loved me..


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