Sunday Smiles (2/27)

Well, here we are again – Happy Sunday folks. This week has been a hard one for me, so thank goodness it’s also been a rather quick one. Sol left early Tuesday morning and I spent the remainder of my week trying to pretend my apartment wasn’t as empty as it seemed. High points? Let’s make that list, shall we?

  • Steph and Joe were great support on Tuesday night – thanks for the laughs guys.
  • I finished Season 5 of Dexter! LOVE THAT SHOW!
  • On Wednesday night, Steph and I headed to see Pat for our weekly visit. We usually have a great time and this week was no different. Ashton even stopped by for a bit.
  • I had dinner with Shelbs on Friday night – it was a great night! We hardly get to see each other now that she’s in medical school and I’m ‘Almost a Real Person.’ We even went to get dessert at Jones Bros. Cupcakes. DELISH. It was a great catch-up session.
  • Saturday. Wow, it feels like Saturday was ages ago, but it was only yesterday. YESTERDAY, I didn’t set an alarm and woke up at around 11am. It was fantastic.
  • Had dinner with Bree and David on Saturday night. I hadn’t seen them since the beginning of January so it was nice to see the both of them again!
  • Grapes were on sale!
  • I learned that for a lot of things, Target is cheaper than Walmart! Big shocker to me since I’ve been a Walmart loyal (I know, I know. Please don’t lecture me.) for a long time because I’ve always thought they were cheaper.
  • I’ve started watching Season 6 of Criminal Minds. Love it! I forgot how much I love it until I started watching again.
  • I went dog walking today with Steph. I didn’t go last week because Sol was here. I didn’t realize until I got there today how much I enjoy it and need those dogs. Granted, there are not always great walking sessions…but I like to believe that dogs can see through you and know what you can handle. Today, I walked some great dogs. The first dog I walked (Lady) was a real sweetheart. All hugs and kisses – exactly what I needed after the week I had. I walked some other fantastic canines today but she really stood out. I hope she finds her forever home soon.
  • Last but not least? My next Sunday post will be with Sol in company – I can’t wait!

So, with the all-encompassing emptiness in my apartment (as I look back at my list) I’ve realized that I like to avoid the emptiness by eating out. Haha, not the best coping mechanism but it worked for this week. I’ll work on it in the future. And, I’ve also noticed that even though it felt like there weren’t very many high points this week, I made an effort to really notice the high points when they came around.

Have a great week guys! Remember to smile.


One response to “Sunday Smiles (2/27)

  1. Good job posting on an actual Sunday this week! 😛 My Sunday is going to be weird next week–it’s weird walkings dogs without you! (Yes, I know, I’m supposed to be studying right now…)

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