“Sunday” Smiles

I know, I know – I’m a day late and it’s not Sunday anymore. It’s been a rather eventful weekend and I totally forgot that yesterday was Sunday. But, here we go, let’s pretend it’s still Sunday.

This past week was a pretty busy one. I spent the week basically counting down till Friday when Sol got here. I’m also going to add my smiles from today so far, since it doesn’t really feel like a Monday for me.

  • I made a ton of cake balls this week, I’m actually pretty sick of cake balls at the moment. But it always makes me smile when others enjoy those cake balls.
  • Friday classed were short ones.
  • Had lunch with Joel on Friday.
  • Sol got here on Friday night!
  • I made the Valentine’s cake box for Sol, filled with different flavored cake balls and he really enjoyed it!
  • Went to game night on Saturday night with Sol’s friends – that was fun!
  • Got to hang out with Steph, Ashton, and Irwin after game night on Saturday night.
  • Got to go to dinner with Sol and his parents yesterday.
  • Also got to see a couple pictures of Sol when he was a kid, those were cute.
  • Went jogging with Sol yesterday and this morning.
  • Went to lunch with Sol at Ingredient today – DELICIOUS.

This next week will be a hard one since Sol will be leaving tomorrow morning. BUT, it will only be 10 days until I’m out there with him. I will be trying my best to focus on these happy thoughts. Have a great week everyone!


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