The Perfect Sunday

I don’t really know what the perfect Sunday would entail – I haven’t experienced one yet. I’ve had some close-to-perfect Sundays though, so let’s just start from there.

On a perfect Sunday, I wouldn’t have to set my alarm – I would just wake up whenever I wake up. I wouldn’t have to get out of bed until I felt like it. On a perfect Sunday, I would roll over to find Sol (my boyfriend) either still sleeping or greeting me with a “Good morning, sleepy head.” It would be a day with blue skies and sunshine; not hot, but warm with a breeze. I wouldn’t have to do anything particular and would have the luxury of reading a book for fun if I felt like it. I could imagine going on a nice, short hike on a perfect day like this. Maybe trying a new restaurant with Sol for lunch. Or even something as ordinary as going grocery shopping with Sol, planning for the meals we’d cook during the week. If we didn’t do anything particularly strenuous during the day, I’d imagine we’d go on a run before dinner. Then, we’d cook dinner and watch a movie while we cuddle on the couch. At the end of a perfect Sunday, I’d feel content and happy, peaceful. I would want to feel like I got everything done that needed to be done (even though there wasn’t really anything that needed doing) and would feel prepared to face the upcoming week.

A perfect Sunday actually sounds like a day that is quite within reach, a day that’s not really out of the ordinary. But see, for me, it’s these ordinary things that are really the extraordinary, utterly fantastic things. And, on top of that, I haven’t had my perfect Sunday yet – I can’t wait until that day comes. But, until it does, I am happy enough with my almost perfect Sundays.


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