Almost a “Real Person”

With my brand new slacks, new professional clothes, professional (yet stylish) looking black pumps and the addition of  teaching responsibilities to my life you’d think I’d qualify as a “Real Person.” Heck, I would’ve thought I’ve at least been a “Real Person” since I graduated high school…or maybe when I graduated from college this past December. What does it even mean to be a “Real Person” – someone who has a job, received a college education, doesn’t live at home with his or her parents, pays for his or her own bills? Or maybe someone who has dreams and ambitions; goals in life and a vision of where he or she would like to be? Personally, I think all of the above qualifies a person as a “Real Person.” And, if that’s the case, then I am definitely a “Real Person.” In fact, I would even consider a person’s BIRTH to be the point at which they can be declared a “Real Person.” So how then am I still “Almost a ‘Real Person?'”

At first it was a little funny to be referred to as “Almost a ‘Real Person;'” now, it’s just irritating and demeaning. All people are real people. Where did she even come up with the phrase “Almost a ‘Real Person?'” Please just find some perspective. The worst part is that some days, I even start questioning the reality of this whole shindig too – I must certainly be living in an alternate reality. Sometimes I think that would be preferable.

2 responses to “Almost a “Real Person”

  1. When I was doing my Post Grad people around me talked about when they would join the “real world” – I think they meant get a job outside of academia. I had worked outside of Academia for ten years before I did my doctorate. Trust me academia is as “real” as anything else.

    Everything’s real and nobody ever quite grows up – or they are very sad indeed.

  2. mariahilldublin – I agree, academia is as real as anything else. I sure hope I never quite grow up, but I do want to be a “Real Person.” I hope I can still find some of the magic children find in the world when I’m old and gray. I think children are the ultimate “Real People.”

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