clean room

As with my other trips home, this one has been filled with the usual dinner, lunch, coffee, and hang-out plans that filled the others. It’s been filled with my family; maybe more this break than the others. I think this may be due to the knowledge that I won’t be coming home as often anymore. My mom has been thinking along the same lines and told me to start cleaning out my room. Now, don’t take this the wrong way. My parents aren’t kicking me out (though that is the common joke these days), they just want to make sure I sort through my things so they can send me the things I really want to have on the mainland (this, of course, could just be their excuse and they really are kicking me out. HAHA!).

It’s a weird feeling, cleaning out your room. I’ve been through boxes and boxes of things that I’ve held on to through the years. I’ve found pictures and keepsakes from 10 years ago! Now that’s what you call a pack-rat. HAH! As I went through my things I couldn’t help but laugh at myself and the things I used to think was important: math club t-shirt, airplane ticket stub from the first time I went to the mainland, deflated balloons from my 16th birthday…and so on. The pile of things that went to the trash kept on growing. See, when I was younger I used to keep little things from certain events and things I thought was important and worth saving for the memory. As I grew up, I stopped saving many of these mementoes – there were just too many to put in a box (or many boxes, actually). And, as I look back on this, I can see that it really is a process, isn’t it – this growing up business. The memories? All the new experiences? They’ll stay with me even if I throw away some of the physical evidence that it happened. With all that life has to offer and all the new things you can experience every day, why would you try to box it up anyways? Take what you learned and experienced and let it color the picture of your life. That’s what I’ve learned while cleaning my room out. Well, that and that I have a lot of stuff – I’ve thrown out three trash bags and filled at least one donation box…but my room is still rather full. And besides, it’s the people in your life that really matter not the things. So go on, tell your loved ones you love them. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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