Make it more meaningful.

I know I’ve posted on this topic before, but here we go again on a similar tangent.

The other morning I was working with my friend Jen when she told me that she’s disabling her facebook and downgrading her phone from her texting phone to her flip phone from two years ago. Why? Well, she said that she’s finding she relies more heavily upon text messages and facebook than she thinks is necessary. She thinks that through facebook and texting her relationships are not as meaningful as they could be. So, in an effort to make her relationships (and life in general) more meaningful, she’s disabling her facebook and getting rid of her fancy texting phone.


I can see where she’s going with this and on some level, I have to agree. When I really think about the integration of facebook and texting in my life, I am (once again) astounded by my dependence on texts and facebook to keep up with all my friends. It’s so easy and convenient to send a text or post on a friend’s wall. Does this mean that there isn’t meaning behind text messages or your post on your friend’s wall? I would like to think not. Our generation is one that has grown up with technology integrated into our lives, with all the indication that it will continue in this direction in the future. A text or a wall post has become our parent’s equivalent to a phone call. Therefore, I think this just gives more meaning to the phone calls you do make.

So, why can’t you find those people in your life you want to have those extra meaningful relationships with and put your extra effort there? Yes, we want all of our relationships (for the most part) to be meaningful, but why can’t we do that in addition to still utilizing facebook and texting?

Perhaps this doesn’t apply to Jen, but in the field of my profession, I have to keep up with social media (texting included). I enjoy social media. I think the evolution and integration of technology in our lives goes hand-in-hand with human evolution. Throughout history, we have evolved; our thoughts becoming more and more complex. We have invented things to make the work in our lives simpler. Following this trend, I think the use of technology makes our relationships and lives more complex but often simplifies the work in our lives.

So, while I support Jen’s decision, I think I would take a different route when trying to make my relationships more meaningful. What are your thoughts?


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