O! Quest continued!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated on the O! Quest. Well, my original partner, Maris, graduated in May and we didn’t have time to find them all before she graduated. She left for Maui and I’m left here in Omaha to find the rest of the O!s without her. Thankfully, Steph recently came back from her sojourn in Ireland and agreed to help me find the rest of them!

We happily started doing some research on where we could find more O!s….only to find out that a lot of them were either sold or moved. It’s been a while since the websites have been updated on where the O!s are…so we’re left with a map that tells us where O!s are….three years ago. We didn’t let this bring us down and went out to look anyways.

Unfortunately, we didn’t find many. We stopped at six different places and found two. And, the site I used to grab information about the O!s was taken down since I’ve looked last. So, for now, all I can tell you about this O! is that it’s a quilted beauty. We found it in the Downtown Omaha Public Library. Originally, it was at the Nebraska Humane Society.

quilted O! in the downtown library

This next O! we found in front of the Chamber of Commerce. (The O!s have obviously moved since the last time, Maris and I found two different O!s in front of the Chamber of Commerce) It’s titled “Inspiration and Perseverance” by Larry Roots, a painter from Lincoln, NE.

"Inspiration and Perseverance"

This O! is supposed to show the essential attributes of how man has transformed the conditions of his existence to make it a better place to live now and for future generations. The “brick and mortar” at the base of the O! represent our historic architecture and perseverance necessary to build the city of Omaha, while the light at the top symbolizes inspiration.

Steph and I will keep looking. Hopefully there are more O!s hiding in Omaha for us to find.


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