first site done!

It’s different to make a site for someone else instead of for me. I’ve been working on several sites for different people for the past few months now and they have been rather challenging. See, it wouldn’t be as hard if these sites were cut and dry websites. But no, they are content management sites (CMS), wordpress blog mangling. (For those who don’t know, CMS allows the client to update the content on their site by themselves; all I’m doing is designing the shell in which their posts go.) Then, to add another wrench to the works, (like figuring out wordpress mangling for the first time isn’t hard enough by itself) two of the sites need drop down menus. So, I went through a crash course in spry menus and how to customize them  (and I still don’t know how to get it to do exactly what I want).

And, because I like to just take huge leaps and pile tons of stuff onto my plate at once, I still have my internship and job at the student centers here on campus. But then, I decided to take another client. She wanted the content on her website updated because her new book comes out soon. Turned out she wanted the whole thing updated, design and all. Which was fine, I was looking forward to a simple site for once. Well, I finished last night! Check it out! It’s officially the first site that I’ve completed other than my own. Granted, there are still some content updates I have to do for her when her book comes out, but other than that it’s done!

screen shot!

So, here’s to that first site! =D Unfortunately, I still have those other sites to work on. It’s just such a bummer to hit all these roadblocks with these sites. So, off I go again, to meddle in some code.

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