summer to-do’s

Time seems to be flying by. But there’s still so much I want to get done this summer! Let’s start a summer to-do list. Feel free to give me suggestions if you have any.

  • Finish at least two books.
  • Redesign my website.
  • Become Apple Certified in Color.
  • Blog at least once a week.
  • Go hiking. (I’ve been looking at Schramm Park, any other suggestions?)
  • Do some exploratory baking. (and cooking)
  • Restart that O! quest. (when Steph gets back)
  • Maybe some piano lessons?
  • Do some custom blog designing for this thing.

This makes for a great start. Haha, I say “start” and it’s already mid-June. Grrrrreat planning, Erin. Let me know if you have any suggestions!

3 responses to “summer to-do’s

  1. I love that part “when steph gets back”!!!!!!! I want to be included in at least three of those bullet points lol. I have a book of “things to do in nebraska,” we should peruse it for ideas when I get back. And when I get back will not be soon enough for me.

  2. =D i miss youuu!!!! oh, i know! and you will be! =) it will be tons of fun! i can’t wait for you to come back! i, unfortunately, made plans already for the day you come back. BUT i figured you would be tired and would want to spend the time chatting with your roomies. =) so i will see you after that. =) i still won’t be working many hours at skutt and harper…haha. so we’ll have plenty of time! AND i might be able to get you okayed to come and walk dogs with me for two hours one week. =D what do you think of THAT??!! haha, it would work if we told the coordinator that you are interested in volunteering as well. which you are. lol. =) i hope you’re have fun over there. but please come back so that you can have fun HERE with ME. lol. =D

    • lol I just saw this response! yes yes yes to the dog walking! I will probably be tired when I get back lol but I am so excited to see you!

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