let’s get creative!

Yesterday, I had a client meeting at Caffeine Dreams (excuse me while I go off on this tangent for a while because this place is COOL.) just past Saddle Creek on Farnam. When I got there I had no idea why I had never been there before! This place was cool; the type of place you would want to spend your Sunday afternoon at, any afternoon, actually.

seating area

They had board games and great seating…great lighting, great menu selection…I could go on and on. I think I found a new favorite hide-out!

Anyways, while I was waiting for my Mango Tang Smoothie (which was DELICIOUS), I took the opportunity to take a better look around. I stumbled upon a handout for Omaha Creative Institute. They have “Come Create It” Workshops! These workshops engage you in certain creative activities, depending on what workshop you choose to attend. Unless it’s otherwise noted, each workshop is $35 and includes all the materials needed. I’m thinking about signing up for screen printing! …or painting! …and watercolor?! Oh the choices! I can’t wait to go to the first one! I highly suggest looking into it if you’re looking for some creative fun!


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