glorified dog walker

I’ve always wanted to volunteer at the Humane Society. When the thought first crossed my mind I must’ve been in middle school. It was not a feasible plan at that point because one of my parents would have had to volunteer with me and we didn’t have the time to drive all the way out to town and back each week; it was just something we didn’t follow through with. After I turned 16 I could have volunteered by myself, but by this point I was working a part time job in addition to marching band and school; volunteering was once again put on the back-burner. So years passed and I eventually forgot about volunteering with the Humane Society.

Needless to say, the idea popped into my mind again. It was driven by the need to be around dogs; animals in general. It started with the want for a dog in my apartment (which is finally possible). The idea of owning a dog brought to attention the many concerns of my parents and some of my friends (though, for the most part, people were all for the idea of me owning a dog.): ‘you’re too busy,’ ‘you won’t have enough time,’ ‘what will you do when you graduate?’, ‘what if you don’t find a job?’, ‘that’s just too much responsibility,’ etc. The list of concerns went on and on. And, these are valid concerns, they are concerns I have myself. If I didn’t have these concerns, I would obviously have a dog by now. Anyways, since I was looking to adopt a dog from the Humane Society instead of buying a puppy, I looked into volunteering. This time, it feels like the right thing to do. I haven’t done any volunteer work for about a year, I finally have a car to drive all the way out to the Nebraska Humane Society, and I’m hoping my time volunteering will help with my ‘dog want,’ as I’ve come to call it.

In the past few weeks, I’ve been to the Humane Society more than I’ve been to the Humane Society at home in my whole life. Nebraska Humane Society is a beautiful facility that  I’ve come to love in these few short weeks; I’m sure I’ll love it even more once I start volunteering. I’ve spent the last two Saturdays at the Humane Society in training. We’ve been learning about the facility, about the animals, about the procedures, and about becoming part of the family. It’s been nice to be around people who have the same passion for animals; it almost felt like I knew everyone there, even though they were all complete strangers.

After May 18th, I will officially be a glorified dog walker (that’s what they call the dog walkers since the official name for them is rather ridiculous.); I can’t wait!

One response to “glorified dog walker

  1. ERRIIIINNNNNNNNN THAT IS COOL i’ve never commented on your blog before so i thought i would. that sounds like a fun summer job to do~

    so i guess you’re not coming home anytime soon? 😦 i totally wanted you to help me re-learn css so i could make a blog for when i go to japan! i need another crash course lol.

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