There’s something to be said of families. First of all, there are many different kinds of families – in the broad range of things, you have the family you’re tied to by blood and the family you choose throughout your life. The family you’re tied to by blood? You can usually count on them for anything and everything you need – they will always be there for you to turn to. And what I think is so special about the family you gather as you go through life is that they’re basically just like the family tied to you through blood…but they choose to be there with you. Don’t you think that makes them special? I think it’s fantastic.

This week, I discovered that one family cannot replace the other, I need and want them both. Possible? Not really, not for me. I thoroughly enjoyed the quality time I was able to spend with my family this past week. It was probably the most time we have spent all together in a very long time…and will be for a while too (I hope not, but I just have a feeling about this one). There was a lot of great memories created this past week.

One of the other things I learned this past week was that I’ve grown a lot closer to my journalism family than I had realized. As my friend expanded on, there are many different branches within my journalism family, but let’s just keep it simple here. I missed these people I see everyday and spend so much time with, a lot. It was great to learn that though one family cannot ever truly replace the other, they balance each other out. When one family takes a vacation, the other is right there to pick up the slack, holding the night terrors at bay.

This support system is great. Fantastic. But I wonder what May and graduation will bring? Where will my family go? It’s too scary to think about for very long.

On another, completely different note, there will be some baking in my near future. I hope to get those recipes up here, stay tuned!

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