We are nearing the end of our first full week back in school.  This week, which isn’t even done yet, has, on many various occasions, made me stop and think,”Wow.”

It’s great to be back, see all those wonderful faces I missed during my sojourn in Hawaii.  This semester seems to be settling into a nice and easy pattern, despite looking like it might be the busiest semester I’ve had yet.

Things going on this semester?

  • 18 credit hours (Typography and 3D anyone?)
  • work
  • design studio stuff
  • Creightonian
  • Code Blue
  • clientele work
  • new apt soon!
  • applying for summer internships
  • possible certification in Motion

Quite a list, eh?  I sure think so.  BUT, I don’t think it’ll be as bad as it seems. Hopefully.

Another thought on my wonderful friends here…I realized, during this past week, that many of them will be graduating in May.  I am so happy for them!  But the JMC lab will not be the same without them – I will miss them!!  It will seem almost empty.  I’m sure this will be a reoccurring thought throughout this semester. =/

I went to see Dr. Wirth today for help with my cover letter (for an internship application).  She tore through my resumé and my cover letter, telling me to come back on Monday or Tuesday so that we could go through the revisions I’ve made.  Not only was she willing to take the time to help me, but as we were going through my cover letter, we realized that there might be a possible conflict of schedules with the suggested internship work schedule and my pre-session summer school class.  After discovering this, Dr. Wirth said she’d call the organization on my behalf, telling them that I would be a great fit if we could work through the scheduling conflict.  This was definitely a “Wow.” moment.  Nope, she didn’t send an email, she called.  I then had an email in my inbox within the hour telling me to go ahead with the revisions because they would love to meet with me and see what I had to offer.  Can you say amazing??!?  AMAZING.

I also met with my first client today.  A client I had received through another professor’s forwarded email.  I was nervous and coming up with last minute ideas, asking my professors for their advice and opinions.  They took the time to look over my stuff and give me their opinion.  I LOVE THE JMC DEPARTMENT!  =D

I always hear horror stories from my friends about their departments at their schools, about how hard it is to get in touch with some of their professors and teachers.  How their professors and teachers don’t care.  Well, here at Creighton, they CARE.  Love it.  I am so thankful to have the opportunity to be here, to have the opportunities being here has given me.  =D

This semester is going to fly….and I don’t want it to.

Yes, as I read through this post, it is starting to sound really cheesy.  Oh well.

“I’m breaking out and nothing’s gonna stop me now.”  Colbie Caillat, Don’t Hold Me Down

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