So I’ve never given this much thought until tonight, when my friend Nick brought it up, but the interaction we have with our parents as we are growing up really makes a difference in how we interact in our different relationships throughout the rest of our lives.  Of course, this is something I’ve already known (in the back of my mind) for a while; I’ve just never really given it consideration when thinking about the influences on a person’s actions.

For example, our mutual friend is more introverted than I am.  He has a hard time talking about what’s bothering him and, a lot of the time, he can’t talk about it until after the pressure to talk about the issue is removed.  He’s attributed this “introverted-ness” to the fact that he’s not as close to his parents as I am.  It’s not that he has a bad relationship with his parents, that’s not it – it’s definitely a good one.  He says that it’s just that he doesn’t spend time “hanging out” with his parents like I do.  He doesn’t talk to them about the same things that I talk to my parents about.

So Nick and our mutual friend have brought me to the conclusion that the role of family and parental interaction with their children are really important.  Not that a child’s own personality and other influences make no difference, they do.  I just really believe parents play such a vital role in a child’s life.

And not that I don’t already want to tackle parenting like my parents have, but this just makes me really want to parent my children like they have my sister and I.  It makes me admire them even more for what they have contributed to my life.  All that time and love they invested in my sister and I while we were growing up, and even to this day!  =D

So on that note, I will end this rather long blog entry (long for such a random stray thought).  Good night (or good morning! lol.)!


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