Hello all!!!

So the fall semester ended last week (PHEW!) and I got home on Friday afternoon (evening, if you’re looking at it from central time.  afternoon if you’re in the Pacific like me!).  Let me just say, it is good to be HOME!  The flights are always long and tedious, but worth it!  This last one, and it was the 8.5 hour leg of my trip too, was filled with screaming kids.  TONS of fun, let me tell you.  Good thing I have these amazing earbuds that were able to block out most of it.  Haha, so all in all, it was great to walk into my family’s waiting arms at the end of it.  =D

I spent the weekend with my family, just enjoying their company.  =D  I’ve missed them so much!  It makes me sad every time I come home to realize how much of their lives I am missing by living on the mainland.  And, it makes me even sadder when I continue to entertain/pretty much plan to stay on the mainland after I graduate.  I know they’ll understand (to some extent), but will I when I later look back on my life?  Will I regret this decision to stay on the mainland?  I’d like to hope not.  I love living on the mainland.  I love the life I have (or semblance of one) up there.  Plus, everything is up in the air right now.  Since I still have to find a job up there.

Being home also brings about the feeling that even though a part of me will always belong here in Hawaii, I’m starting to feel more and more comfortable off on my own in Omaha.  Definitely a new feeling these days.  Though, don’t get me wrong, I am LOVING the warm weather and my family!!!!!  =D

I have a feeling this break will fly by.  This week looks like it’ll be a busy one…filled with lunch dates, fun stuff at night, family time, and CHRISTMAS!!!  =D

Here are some pictures for you!  I will try to update on my activities soon!  Take cares and stay warm everyone!

Emi and Erin

I ❤ her.

Emi and Erin

happy holdiays from our family to yours!


One response to “HOME!!!

  1. really cute pictures! super cute.
    it’s hard to determine now what we’ll think of ourselves years from now. all you can really do is make decisions based off of what you know now. but it’s hard to be away from your family, no matter how far away they are.

    thank goodness for christmas and family. i enter your timezone in nine days. 🙂
    happy holidays!

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