Angel Poop.

Less than a week ago, there was no snow on the ground.  You wouldn’t be able to tell now.  Omaha is in a blizzard warning and it has been snowing allllll day.  Father Schlegel cancelled classes from 12:30pm on yesterday afternoon and all day today.  Wow.  We’ve had 6-10 inches just yesterday…and it’s not supposed to stop snowing till later this morning.  As Tori put it, “This is a crap-load of angel poop!”  HILARIOUS!!

there was so much snow they needed to dump it in a dump truck.

bench buried in snow

yes, that's a bench.

Yes…it’s pretty crazy.  You know how you see those sand storms in the movies?  With the sand blowing over the sand dunes?  Yeah…now just change the sand to all snow and that’s what we have here.  It’s such a drastic change!

So on that note, my friend Tori and I took a break from our all-day flash work.  Here’s the products of that break.

Tori and Erin fun

You gotta love us.

=D we're the angels delegated to cleaning up the angel poop.


This was just too funny not to put up.

Alrighty, I hope you enjoyed the picture-heavy post.  Stay warm, wherever you are…And if you have some to share, send some warmth my way!  =D


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