O!, O!, O!…HO! HO! HO!

Part 2.

Maris and I headed out today to try and find a few more O!s before we head home for Christmas break.  Maris spotted one during out Christmas at Creighton trolley ride and I saw one in the library down by Starbucks in Old Market.  So we headed there first.  Maris’s O!, sadly, turned out to be an imposter.  And we couldn’t get into the library because they were closed till 1pm. What luck!  So we headed to Bed, Bath & Beyond where I had spotted another one.

"This is Omaha" by Craig Roper

"This is Omaha" by Craig Roper

This O! is titled, “This is Omaha” by Craig Roper.  This O! expresses Omaha’s vibrant qualities through Omaha’s historical, contemporary and visual information.  It’s engaging and fun!  Very colorful!  At least we found one, right?

Well, we may not have found many O!s today, but we did find a HO! HO! HO!

Erin and Maris with Santa

Ho Ho Ho!

=D  We found Santa!!

It’s been a great weekend!  We’re down to the home stretch for this semester, here we go!!!


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