Get the Glass!!

How many people have ever hit one of those design speed bumps?  Well, in other words, it would be called a lack of inspiration.  I have to have a personal site mock-up done by Monday….and maybe even my self-promotional ad.  aka, whatever I can finish, by Monday for a rough critique in Joel’s Interactive Design class.  It was Wednesday and I still had NO IDEA what I wanted to do.  I asked one of my professors, Angie, for some help.  She kindly lent me three of her design magazines and said I should take a look.  (THANK YOU ANGIE!!!)  AMAZING!!!  Some of design I found in those magazines blew me away!  She lent me two of her Communication Arts magazines and a HOW Design magazine.  I highy suggest both of them for inspiration.  You could also browse their websites: HOWdesign and!!!  Check them out!  Highly inspirational.

I also happened to find an amusing game with GREAT, no, AMAZING design.  This site and game was created to promote milk’s health’s benefits.  You get to play this great game while learning facts about milk.  The game looks so realistic and has, on average, users spending more than 12 minutes on the site – quite a feat!

So I think it’s time for you to take a study break.  Visit this site, learn some cool stuff about milk, and have tons of fun!  Enjoy!

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