Part One

Quite randomly this past week, my roommate Marissa mentioned to me that she wanted to find all the O!s in Omaha before she graduated (she’ll be graduating in May).  I thought it was a great idea and sounded like a lot of fun…so we decided that we’d find them all before May.

Today, Maris and I set out on the beginning leg of our quest to find all the O!s in Omaha.  Firstly, it is a GLORIOUS day outside to start our search.  The skies are blue, there’s a slight breeze…and it’s 72 degrees outside.  Amazing, right?  Since when is it 72 degrees and beautiful outside when we’re a week into November??!  ANYways, we decided to start out in Old Market since it was close to campus.  After driving around in circles for a while [because we couldn’t find them..] we finally found one!  Or so we thought…we actually found TWO in one spot! =D

"Omaha On My Mind" by Littleton Alston

"Omaha On My Mind" by Littleton Alston

This one was really beautiful.  I didn’t realize it until I looked this up just now to put the caption on the picture, but this O! was done by my sculpture professor, Littleton Alston.  Littleton is amazing and I totally LOVED his class.  In some weird way it was fitting that his was the first O! we found.  =D

"Wild Underneath" by Wanda Ewing

"Wild Underneath" by Wanda Ewing

We were amazed to find Wanda Ewing’s O! in the same spot as Littleton’s one…especially since we were thinking we’d have to go to the Henry Doorly Zoo to find it.  Maris and I were pumped at our good luck!

Maris and I in front of Littleton's O!

Maris and I in front of Littleton's O!

After our photo shoot we headed off to find the next O!.  The site we got the locations from told us that there were 2 more in the Old Market area.  We couldn’t find the one that was supposed to be at 11th and Jackson…maybe they took it for retouching??  So we decided that we’d look for it again later.  We found the next O! in front of the Omaha Children’s Museum.

"Omaha Song" by Jamie Burmeister

"Omaha Song" by Jamie Burmeister

So far this O! had to be the coolest – it played music!  We thought it was broken at first, but after going inside the museum to ask, we found out it hadn’t been plugged in, duh!

So here’s the video, featuring Maris, of the fun music played by “Omaha Song.”  Cute, right?

We decided to head to Dundee to find the next one…only…that one was MIA too…so now what?  Well, we went to Memorial Park for the wO!ven, of course!

"wO!ven" by Mary Zicafoose

"wO!ven" by Mary Zicafoose

Now this O! we had known about since we drive past it everytime we head to town.  =D  It has a lot of character.

According to, “”wO!ven” is a metaphor for the diversity within our community. The sculpture intertwines many individual materials and components, which are simultaneously beautiful and dissonant, into a powerful icon far stronger than the sum of its parts.”

4 O!s in one trip, I would say we made some good headway today!  =D  We got lost, explored a bit, and saw more of Omaha – it was great!  Until next time then!


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